Office PC Support, Office Backup Solutions™ and Easy Phone Systems are a spinoff idea of GMx Solutions, Inc., founded in 1999 with the mission of developing software solutions for many of the problems faced in today’s work environments. While computers and automation help us achieve new levels, it also has complicated our lives with far more problems than one individual or office can manage without help. Our mission is to help our customers monitor, manage, control, and survive their IT environments to maximize their intellectual capital resources. GMx Innovations, LLC was the incubator for the highly successful web marketing company eClick Performance. Office PC Solutions, Inc and Office Backup Solutions™ provide essential support and help desk functions for smaller growing companies such as doctor practices, legal firms and any other business that depends on computer systems to function but does not have a full time IT staff. Our help desk and backup solutions provide foundation of having help when you need it.

At Office PC Support our view is from the perspective of you our customer. We have developed systems management tools for major financial, insurance, manufacturing and other Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. We focus on providing solutions for smaller businesses by eliminating the need for full time dedicated IT professionals so the disasters of everyday computer use are not a time-consuming distraction. In both extremes the goal is to provide the tools that are best suited for the environment, regardless if the user is a highly skilled computer expert or an important member of your office team. Your office needs the tools that fit your needs and expertise.

The key is to provide the services and system you need not the ones we would like to sell. Our goal is to provide you with the solutions that are the correct size for your environment.

Our CIO, Sam Howard, is a well-known expert at the enterprise level. He has designed and managed the backup processes for a wide range of customers. He states that; “The rules are the same for backing up, storing and restoring data for a one person company as they are for those with over 100,000 employees. How you do it is what is different.”

Our experience has found critical flaws in the backup processes in every client’s office. Even offices that had started on the right path, drifted off course over time, violating one or even several of the following tenants of data backup best practices:
* Follow the daily backup routine.
* Store data at multi-site and at secure locations.
* Replace Tapes that wear out as they are affected by the environment.
* Encrypt data so only authorized staff can access it.
* Track vendor software version changes and/or understand all new software to insure the backup software is finding the proper directories as the application software changes and/or new software is implemented.

Data restoration is what is needed when you have a crash! Data restoration is really the most critical part of the process for getting your practice back running. Restoring data is not something you can afford to take risks with doing without experience. The risk of destroying good data by replacing it with out of date or corrupt data is very high when you do not know how to perform the process correctly.

During our journey to find a backup solution for our customers that would be both reliable and cost effective, we found many companies that perform backup services and most are in compliance with the immerging HIPAA requirements for medical practices. However, we found the backup solutions market bridges a broad continuum from inexpensive “first month free” customer installed disks to very expensive storage solutions similar to those used by the US Government.

The typical offering with the first month free is cost effective but requires the user to perform the setup, configuration, control and then the user needs to be responsible for the monitoring the process. You are on your own, risking backing up the wrong data or no data if there is a change in vendor software or the backup configuration tool. Furthermore, most small to medium offices do not want the resource opportunity cost of hiring trained and experienced computer personnel or hiring a service to come on site to backup the data, verify it and then move it to a remote secure site. And only very large offices are willing to invest in their own expensive backup tape equipment.

At the end of our discovery journey, we determined to develop a cost effective, secure and reliable backup solution that offers customers the kind of professional support they need on a daily basis. The Office Backup Solutions process is fully monitored and managed by IT professionals. Our staff can see changes before your office opens in the morning. In many instances we have been able to work with the client’s medical software provider to resolve problems that occurred when overnight your medical practice management software has been updated and failed to operate as intended. Our monitoring process has also identified other software or hardware related problems. Our experienced support staff has the ability to support your office with more than backup troubleshooting. We can provide technical support as needed.