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About GMx

While computers and automation help us achieve new levels, they have also complicated our lives with far more problems than one individual or office can manage without help. Our mission is to help our customers migrate from managing paper-intensive processes to state-of-the-art enterprise content management and to monitor, manage, control, and survive their IT environments, maximizing their intellectual capital resources.

Business Process Management

At GMx Solutions we focus on our customer’s needs. We have developed Business Process Management (BPM) tools for major financial, insurance, manufacturing and other Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. We provide document management software solutions for smaller businesses by eliminating the need for full time dedicated IT professionals so the disasters of everyday computer use are not a time-consuming distraction. For all businesses, our goal is to provide the tools that are best suited for the environment, regardless if the user is a highly skilled computer expert or an important member of your office team. GMx Solutions helps your office find the tools that fit your needs and expertise.